Sunday, 4 July 2010

Taste Test #2

Does corn have any unwanted side-effects? I mean, we know all about the beautiful crunch of the grain ripped straight from the cobwhen dripping with melted butter. We love the ease of tinned sweetcorn, revel in the splash of bright colour and bite it can add to a simple salad.

We know nothing about the risks of too much corn. One worry I have is that over-indulging in maize-y goodness could actual turn me yellow. So it was with some relief that taste test number 2 led me to try La Banda's Choclo Blanco Entero. (A small sidenote here. Don't worry, I have noticed that I haven't tested number 1 yet. Or at least haven't written about it. I bought the tin a week or so again, did the photos, did the write up and then I promptly forget all about reviewing it and have used it but I can't remember in what. It tasted like tinned corn, but I'll get round to it. Promise.)

Unfortunately the photos of the meal I made with white corn didn't come out so I can't show you what I made. Which is a shame cos it looked good. Stick some spring onions, diced carrot and half a red pepper in a wok with some oil and soften up. Add thinly sliced bife de chorizo until browned, then add a tin of tomatoes, a stock cube, water, tomato puree and a tin of Choclo Blanco Entero. Let it all simmer and bubble away while you're cooking the pasta of your choice (rice is also an option) and when it's done, drain the pasta, mix it in with the meat & vegetable sauce, sprinkle some grated cheese on top and eat. Most of what I cook is a variation on this theme, it's virtually impossible to screw up and so much variety is possible I never get tired of it.

On this occasion, as so often before, it didn't let me down. This time the new, untested factor was the white corn, and let me tell you something I wasn't expecting it to be so good. It lacked the sweetness of its yellow cousin (which may be down to the fact that there is no added sugar either, unlike the yellow varieties) and despite being cooked for a good 20 minutes it retained a lot of its texture and crunchiness. This combined with a clean, nutty flavour really worked with the meat and sauce, and lifted what is a regular dinner into something a bit special.

All told it overtakes Taste Test 1 (which in itself was a revelation) to take an early lead. I'm looking forward to trying it again, and if anybody out there has any ideas on how I can use the next white corn tin in CornWars, then by all means let me know.


govtdrone said...

Love white corn.

Anonymous said...

I've read of Italians getting pellagra when corn was introduced from the New World. The illness is caused by eating too much corn and, as a result, not having adequate Niacin in the diet.

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