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In Buenos Aires there is no real concept of political correctness, they just say it like they see it and claim no offence intended. So, if a local supermarket is run by people with Asian origins, it's known as "el chino". Every couple of blocks there is a "chino". Mine is literally 30m from my front door, and I'm in my local one pretty much every day buying stuff.

I often buy tinned sweetcorn, I use it a lot in cooking and salads and stuff. I like it. The other day I noticed that my local chino had rather a lot of different varieties of corn. I counted them. 17 different types of tinned corn. This needed investigation. How could they be differentiated? Surely all corn is born equal?

Over the next few weeks I intend to investigate this baffling level of variety and ultimately crown one lucky tin as the WINNER OF THE CORNWARS!

Me vs Corn

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The other day I noticed that my local supermarket had 17 different kinds of tinned corn. Over the next few weeks I am going to try each one and review it here.
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