Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gentleman - Contender 4

  • Brand: Gentleman
  • Description: Granos de choclo amarillo enteros
  • Made in: Brazil
  • Weight: 225g
  • Drained Weight: 200g
  • Price: $4.75 (pesos)
  • Ingedients: Grains of Corn, Water, Sugar and Salt
  • Calories per portion: 103

Once upon a time in Brasil there was a small village next to a river. It was a small village and the people who lived there were happy. The men caught fish and worked in the fields growing corn, while the women took care of the houses and the village. Children played and swam in the river, and when they grew up, they too fished and worked the fields.

All was well in the village until one year when they arrived at the market to sell their corn and found nobody wanted to buy. The market was already full of corn, it was impossible to sell what they had worked so hard to harvest. Farmers from other villages in other kingdoms had come to the market and sold their corn before them. The men from our village returned with no money, it was promising to be a hard winter.

One day, a stranger appeared in the village. The farmers had never seen anything him before and nobody knew where he came from. He was a man, yet his hair was long, and tied up in the style of young girl. In his hand he carried a colourful magical object which allowed him to talk to the spirits. He saw the sadness in the village and asked what was wrong. When he was told of the market he asked to speak to the chief.

He sat down with the chief and the village elders well into the night and told them of where he came from, a mysterious land where mighty carts roared and moved without donkeys and where corn was bought and sold freely, and he could help them sell their corn there. The men of the village were at first afraid and did not trust the strange man, but he said that if the bravest warrior of the village would go with him, he could prove everything he claimed.

The chief agreed and 3 moons later the warrior returned and told the entire village about the wonderful world he had visited where corn was available everywhere and how they should sell their corn to the strange man, and how all the problems were going to be resolved. The elders talked, but as the situation with the market had got no better, they agreed that they would sell their corn to the stranger.

And so, they went forth and sold their corn to the Chino. And the corn had a name. The corn's name was "GENTLEMAN".


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