Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Taste Test #3

In the photo below you can see the contents of a tin of Gentleman corn (opens doors, never kisses and tells) bubbling away along with some tomatoes, onion, spring onions, leeks and parsley. It made a very nice salsa to go with the bife de chorizo and ravioli. The Gentleman, whilst never disappointing a lady, did let me down. Bland and soggy straight out of the tin, cooking it did not change that. It gave the salsa a little bit of crunch, which otherwise would have been lacking but very little else.

The photo however, also highlights an interesting feature of our flat here in Buenos Aires. The hob has three gas rings. There is room for a fourth, but it just ain't there. Simply a white flat expanse of metal. The back ring isn't even centred, just sits there all forlorn and alone. The front two have each other, they don't care about what's at the back. Maybe, once upon a time there were four, but it left home under a cloud. Nobody talks about it anymore.

Apart from that, it's not a bad stove overall. Of the three gas rings that are left, two are bigger than the other one, so you have some range there. Not that much however as each one basically has two settings. On and Off. The oven's the same, it takes 3 minutes to light, it's either on or off and heat escapes out of the door making the hob controls impossible to use without losing a finger. There's not a lot of subtlety in Tripod (which is what call it), but it does the job.


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The other day I noticed that my local supermarket had 17 different kinds of tinned corn. Over the next few weeks I am going to try each one and review it here.
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